Account Collaborators

You can add any number of collaborators to work with you on your PatchKit projects. Collaborators are invited by e-mail with a designated role.

Adding a Collaborator

First, make sure that you’re logged with your root account or a collaborator with owner role. If you don’t have access to either, ask your account administrator to do it.

To add a collaborator, navigate to your Account page, switch to the Collaborators tab, then on Collaborators page click on New Collaborator button. On the form fill-in e-mail address of the person you’d like to add as a collaborator and choose his/her role (see below). When done, submit the form by clicking on Add Collaborator button.

When done, a confirmation e-mail message is sent to the specified address. It contains a link pointing to collaborator sign in form. It’s different from the regular sign in form since it requires to provide an Account ID and it asks to create a new password on the first log in.

Collaborator Roles

Each collaborator can be assigned to one of the following roles:





Account ID

Account ID is a unique number to identify your root account along collaborators. In order to sign in as a collaborator of your PatchKit account, one must know your Account ID, as good as be granted to access your account’s resources.

Where to find the Account ID?

Account ID is sent with a first collaborator invitation email. Also, it can be found on the Account -> Collaborators page. Ask your collaborators to keep their invitation email, bookmark sign in URL or save Account ID somewhere safe, since without it they won’t be able to log-in.

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