How to get started with it?

See Getting Started page.

How much does it cost?

For our current offer, please visit our pricing page.

What are the usage limits?

With PatchKit, there are two kinds of limits:

Please note that evaluation accounts have some additional limits applied.

Download limits (soft)

Our policy is to keep our clients’ applications available at all time. PatchKit won’t take your files offline if your usage gets beyond your download limit.

If you’re on a monthly (where you pay a static price per month) or indie plan, additional charges may be applied. To protect yourself against unpredicted expenses, see Spike Gaurd feature.

If you’re on a PAYG (pay as you go) plan, there are no limits applied to your account, although you can still sign up to Spike Gaurd feature to keep your expenses low.

Upload limits (hard)

Every account has an upper limit of data that can be uploaded to our servers monthly. It means that if you try to release too many versions of your applications in a month, you may get a notification that your upload limit has been reached.

Reaching the upload limit won’t affect your existing application versions - you won’t be able to upload a new version. Currently, the upload limit equals to 20 GiB per month for evaluation accounts, and we set it to individual value for any other type of account.

Do I need to build a patcher application?

Definitely not! PatchKit is a drop-in solution. If you have your game, just upload it, and you will be supplied with a launcher application. Download it and share it with anyone you want.

How can I upload my game?

First, you have to create application entry using the Panel. Once you’ve done it you can:

After being uploaded your file contents will be processed. You will see a progress bar of this operation. Just wait a moment to see if everything is all right.

How can I publish my game?

After uploading and processing your version, you will see a red Publish button in your draft version view. Just click it and confirm your intent. You will be notified when your version is published and ready to be downloaded!

Where can my players download my game?

The only way your players can download your game is by sharing the launcher application with them. The launcher application can be downloaded only by you on your game’s page, and your game’s page is visible only for you.

PatchKit is neither a store nor a marketplace. You can think of it as a mirror servers service with additional features. You’re uploading your game, and then you’re sharing your game on your web page, on your store or with your friends.

Will my players need to re-download my game when a new version is published?

Definitely not! PatchKit is heavily dependent on binary diffs. For every version, you’re publishing there’s a binary diff generated on our servers. It will be downloaded and applied by your players as soon as they launch your game. The procedure is really fast and in most cases, they don’t need to wait longer than several seconds based on network and PC performance.

Should I prepare patches?

No, you shouldn’t. Patches are built by PatchKit servers. Everything is fully automated and you will be notified of the patch size we managed to achieve.

My patch size is quite big. Why?

There may be several reasons:

  1. You’ve made some significant changes, and there’s no way around it.
  2. You’ve uploaded a wrong game by mistake.
  3. You’ve renamed your files or directories. PatchKit currently does not support this kind of scenario very well.

Every time I launch my application, it re-downloads a broken file.

That usually means that your build includes files that are being modified by your application. Log files maybe? Make sure to remove those before sending the build.

Patcher assumes that any installed file has changed its contents may be corrupted, and it’s safer to re-download it. It takes the same action if a file is missing, but ignores any files created after the installation procedure.

If your use case requires to modify files that are included in the build, try generating those on the first launch or install a template somewhere more buried in the directory tree to make a copy later.

How big games can PatchKit handle?

There’s no limit. PatchKit is designed to handle games of any size. It has been tested with tiny few-megabytes games and with huge ones (10 gigabytes and more).

What are some everyday use cases?

What is the difference between launcher and patcher?

Why do we need a launcher?

Launcher allows us to release any potential updates for the patcher. It doesn’t use any patching algorithms to update the patcher - it simply redownloads the whole patcher to keep it as simple as possible.

I’d like to use PatchKit behind a firewall. Which domain names and ports should I add to my whitelist?

You should whitelist all *.patchkit.net domains (using a wildcard). Make sure to open the following ports:

It’s highly recommended to open these ports as well for the best performance possible:

What arguments are passed by launcher/patcher to my application?

  1. Built-in arguments pairs starting with a + character. It can look like +key value. If your application is relying on a passed argument list, make sure to ignore these pairs.
  2. Custom arguments provided by you. These are added right after the built-in argument list.
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