License Keys

PatchKit allows you to use license keys with your games. If you’re looking for a way to limit who should be allowed to play your game and who shouldn’t, license keys may be the best option available.

Patcher asking for a license key

Enabling license keys

By default license keys are disabled for all new games. To enable license keys:

  1. Go to Applications listing.
  2. Click on your game’s name.
  3. Click on the Keys option that can be found on upper navigation bar.
  4. Click on Enable License Keys button.



You will be prompted if you are absolutely sure to enable license keys. Enabling license keys means that no one without a license key wouldn't be able to download or upgrade your game.

License keys collections table

License keys can be split into collections. Collection is a named set of license keys and you may think of it as a box with keys created for a certain purpose. It’s a lot easier to work with collections than with individual keys.

There are several properties for collections:

  1. Distributed - This flag tells you if a collection has been distributed. This flag is set manually and exists only for organizational purposes.
  2. In Use - The number of keys that has been used at least once. If a key has been used more than once, this number won’t change.
  3. Blocked - Tells if this collection has been blocked from further use. Blocked keys can no longer be used by the players. Albeit you can unblock any previously blocked collection.
  4. Status - Keys generation status. If you will order a large number of keys, you will have to wait some time before the collection will be ready to use.

Distributing collection

There are two ways to distribute keys from a collection. You can:

  1. Click on the collection name and copy individual keys from the listing.
  2. Get a CSV file that contains all the keys.


PatchKit will not distribute your keys in any particular way. If you want your keys to be delivered to your players, you have to do it on your own. Most probably you may want to integrate it with your game store.

As soon as a collection or a license key is distributed it’s recommended to set distributed flag to true, so you wouldn’t mistakenly distribute it twice. To mark collection as distributed, click on the Action button and then select Mark as distributed from the dropdown menu.

Collection actions dropdown menu

Distributing individual keys

If you’d like to distribute a small amount of license keys, go into a collection and then:

  1. Select keys you want to mark as distributed using the checkbox on the left. License key checkbox
  2. Click on the With selected… button that can be found at the page’s bottom.
  3. From the dropdown menu choose Mark as distributed option. License key checkbox

Blocking collections and keys

Collections and keys can be blocked from further use in the similar manner as marking collections and keys as distributed. Note that blocking keys and collections will have a real effect on the players by forbidding them from downloading the game and updates.


Currently license keys are forbidding only from downloading the game or updates (depending if player have the game content or not). It’s not disallowing the player to play the game in any way. To forbid the player of playing the game, you have to implement license key checking within yours game’s code. Currently there’s no simple way of doing it, so if you’re interested in making this kind of implementation, please contact us directly.

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