PatchKit offers four pricing models.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

You pay only for the outbound (to the internet) data transfer that you use, billed monthly at the beginning of each month. Prices may vary depending on the region.

Traffic From Price
Europe, US $0.04 / GiB
Asia & Pacific $0.06 / GiB
Latin America $0.09 / GiB

PAYG model may be the best choice for those who don’t expect too much traffic from their accounts.

Monthly Plans

You pay a constant price each month and get a pooled data transfer at lower rates. If you exceed the pooled data transfer, you will be billed for overages in a similar matter as for PAYG, but with the rates specified below.

Name Pooled Data Transfer Price Effective Overages
Monthly 4 4 TiB $99 / mo $0.024 / GiB $0.035 / GiB
Monthly 15 15 TiB $349 / mo $0.023 / GiB $0.03 / GiB
Monthly 50 50 TiB $1099 / mo $0.021 / GiB $0.025 / GiB

Indie & Student Plan

We gladly support indie developers. By “indies” we understand those, who are building a game with a small team without a publisher. We offer a PatchKit account with:

If you’d like to apply to the Indie plan, please use Indie Apply Form.

Custom Plans

For those who have specific needs or are not satisfied by any of the options presented above, we offer custom plans. Custom plans are set up individually. If you’re interested in signing up for a custom plan, please contact us.

Additional Features

For each account, there’s a set of additional features that can be enabled at an additional price.

Feature Price
Channels $50 / mo
Custom Patcher $25 / mo
License Keys $50 / mo
LZMA2 Compression $100 / mo
Spike Guard $25 / mo
Premium Support $100 / mo
White-label $100 / mo

You can see what features are enabled on your account page. If you’d like to enable or disable any of these features, please contact us


If you have any questions regarding pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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