Processing Messages

When your content processing is finished, you may be notified of progressing warnings or errors. On this page you will learn more details about both of them.

Your patch file size is nearly the same as your content file size

When you’re uploading new application files, a patch file is created. Patch file is meant to be as small as possible, so if it happens to be nearly the same as your full application size, it is considered a mistake.

Reasons why this may happen:

You’ve uploaded zip file with different application

If by mistake you upload a zip file that is a completely different application, there’s no chance that a valid patch would be created. Most probably this is not what you’d like to do, so look at the file listing to verify that those are the files that you’d like to upload.

Your application name changes, so does it’s directory structure

Current patch builder implementation does not handle file renaming. If you change your directory structure, there’s a good chance that the game size will increase.

This is a note especially for Unity users. Your executable name defines your data directory name. If you change your executable name, the whole directory structure will change too.

Don’t worry though, future version of PatchKit will handle this case gracefully.

Cannot find executable file

This is error you cannot ignore. Without a valid executable file your application cannot be launched.

You can also see that error because of simple platform mistake. For instance if you choose Mac OSX platform for your application but you’ve uploaded Windows binaries, you can experience this error message for that reason.

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