PatchKit Tools is a set of scripts that can be used to access PatchKit capabilities from the command line. With PatchKit Tools you can:

The most important PatchKit tools feature is uploading & publishing newly created version at once. For this task you can use patchkit-tools make-version command with or without parameters.


You need to have at least basic knowledge of command line (Windows) or bash (Mac OSX, Linux). If you don’t know how to work with those tools, please read the resources listed below:


  1. Download PatchKit tools distribution for your operating system from GitHub.
  2. Unzip it it any suitable directory.
  3. (Optionally) Set up your PATH variable to point to that directory. (Windows, OSX and Linux instructions)

Upgrading from previous versions

  1. Remove your previous installation directory.
  2. Unzip newly downloaded distribution from GitHub to the same place.


Every tool is executed by patchkit-tools script (for Windows it is patchkit-tools.bat).


patchkit-tools [tool_name] [tool_arguments]

Displaying help and tools list

patchkit-tools --help

Displaying specific tool help

patchkit-tools [tool_name] --help

NOTE! The patchkit-tools commands have no tool for creating an application directly from the command line, so in order to create the application please follow the steps in Create the application paragraph in the Getting Started section.

Uploading application version with tools

make-version tool allows you to create a new version of your project by uploading only the diff files. It means you don’t have to upload the entirely new version of your project to PatchKit. If make-version is executed for uploading the very first version of the project, then the whole project content will be uploaded.

make-version syntax

patchkit-tools make-version [-s secret] [-a api_key] [-l label] [-f files] [-c changelog]

make-version examples

Adding new version

patchkit-tools make-version -s aa11bb22cc33dd55ee66ff77gg88hh99 -a zz99yy88xx77ww66vv55uu44tt33ss22rr11 -l “Second version” -f BuildFolder

Adding new version and assigning the changelog

patchkit-tools make-version -s aa11bb22cc33dd55ee66ff77gg88hh99 -a zz99yy88xx77ww66vv55uu44tt33ss22rr11 -l “Third version” -f BuildFolder -c "-feature 1\n-feature 2"

Type patchkit-tools make-version --help to learn syntax.

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