What is PatchKit?

PatchKit is a Game Distribution Service (Content Distribution Service for games). It’s a system that allows you to distribute your game to your players efficiently. You don’t need any specific knowledge to get your game published, all you need to do is to:

So your game is now distributed to multiple servers all over the world!


One of the essential features PatchKit offers is application patching. When your player is willing to download your game, you can give them a URL generated by PatchKit. When they click it, an application called the Patcher will be downloaded to their computer.

Patcher is a lightweight application that:

This application does not need to be installed onto the player’s device. It just sits there as a part of your game. So this is very convenient for the player who does not like installing any additional applications to play the game.

Binary diffs

PatchKit is using binary diff files to distribute game patches. Thanks to those, upgrading to the newest version can be so fast, that your players may not even notice it!

How are these files created? When you’re ready to publish a new version, upload your game files to PatchKit, and the system takes it from there. It compares all the files and generates binary differences if needed. Those diff files will be distributed all over the world in the same manner as your game.


PatchKit allows you to customize your patcher application however you want. You can also create your patcher application! PatchKit helps you with that by providing API libraries and sharing its patcher application on GitHub.

Supported platforms

PatchKit is supporting these platforms:

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