Additional Features

By default, PatchKit comes with a list of core features. On top on that, we offer a list of additional features that can be enabled on your account. You may find the details below. If you’re interested in any of this feature, please feel free to contact us.

Custom Launcher

Allows you to download, customize in any way you need and upload a custom launcher for your applications.

You may read more about how to setup custom launcher on Custom Launcher documentation page.


Enables distribution of your application to multiple user groups at once. Allows to keep unstable versions of your application away from the main line.

You may read more about how channels are working on the Channels documentation page.

License Keys

Limits access to your product by verifying product key before downloading your application.

LZMA2 Compression

Enables strong LZMA2 compression algorithm reducing your build sizes up to 30%.

Premium Support

We prioritize your issues and requests. We guarantee a reaction time below 24 hours (usually1-4). Includes Skype calls with screen sharing, code fixes, management tasks.

With application distribution, it’s a typical case to have a pretty regular number of downloads for most of the time with occasional downloads bursts caused by an extended expected release, article on an accessible web page or a random influencer.

Instead of paying more for the data transfer just in case of higher usage, we introduce a feature called Spike Guard. It nullifies your data usage up to 3 times over your desired limit.


Please note that Spike Guard will be enabled only if on your previous month data transfer usage is within your standard limits. It means that if you exceed your initial data transfer in two months in a row, Spike Guard won’t reduce your second-month expanses. Its functionality gets back to normal if any following month data transfer gets back to normal.

Below you may find an example table of how it may work for an account with 10 TiB data transfer plan.

Month Transfered Data Spike Guard Overuse
January 5 TiB Off (under limit) 0 TiB
February 15 TiB -5 TiB 0 TiB
March 8 TiB Off (colling down) 0 TiB
April 20 TiB -10 TiB 0 TiB
May 20 TiB Off (cooling down) 10 TiB
June 15 TiB Off (cooling down) 5 TiB
July 5 TiB Off (under limit) 0 TiB
August 45 TiB -30 TiB 5 TiB


Hides the PatchKit logo. Makes the launcher entirely yours.

Account collaborators

Enables inviting collaborators to your account with designated roles.

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