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This feature requires Channels to be enabled on your account. Please check your account page if it already is. If not, change your plan or send us a message.

Importing versions feature allows you to migrate already published version of one application to another without the need of re-uploading the data and with the guarantee that after the process, both applications are presenting the same content.

Use case

When releasing a game, you need to make sure that the content you’re about to release is free of critical bugs. To achieve that, you may have a team of test players who are willing to play new game releases before any of these goes public. An application setup may look like this:

  • My Game
  • My Game - Public Testing
  • My Game - Private Testing

The workflow may look like this:

  1. Upload and publish My Game - Private Testing version
  2. Collect feedback, fix bugs, repeat step 1 if necessary
  3. Upload working version to My Game - Public Testing
  4. Collect feedback, fix bugs, repeat step 1 or 2 if necessary
  5. Upload working version to My Game

With Importing Version feature, you can migrate working versions between applications without the need of re-uploading the content.

How to import version

Make sure that:

  • The source application is set to the same platform as the target application
  • The source application has at least one version published
Usually, you can import only the latest published version (always) and one version before (for a limited time).
  1. Navigate to Applications tab.
  2. Click on your target application name.
  3. Click on New Version button to create a new version or Draft Version if you have a draft version already.
  4. Click on Import Content button.
  5. Select Import Version from Another Application option.
  6. In new form choose your source application in Application dropdown.
  7. In Version dropdown select a version you’d like to import.
  8. Click on the Import Now button.
  9. Wait until version importing is finished.

When the process is finished, your version is now imported, and it’s ready to be published.


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