PatchKit is a white-label game/app distribution solution that enables application delivery without a middleman, with no commissions.

  1. Set up an account
  2. Upload the game
  3. Click the publish button

These steps are enough to distribute your game to multiple servers all over the world, along with delta files.

The Delivery Network

PatchKit fully automates the game/app delivery pipeline by transforming your raw application files into network-optimized distributable packages (content and binary delta files) that are delivered to the end-users by a high-performance CDN network and provided launcher application.

The main concept it to upload your application’s folder into PatchKit through the web interface or using a pluggable API with command-line tools. When done, this happens:

  1. Your game content is stored on our Storage Server.
  2. It is sent to Version Processing Servers to build a distributable version file and delta file.
  3. Version file and delta file are stored back on Storage Server.
  4. When published, the version file and delta file are distributed to multiple distribution nodes.
  5. The end-users can now download those files.
  6. The launcher applies a downloaded version file to the local file system, and now your new game/app version is ready to be started!

The Launchers

With the launcher, your users will be able to download, validate, and start your game/app quickly. The launcher is an internal part of your application; it does not require a separate installation procedure or user registration.


  • Application download and installation
  • Streamed installation support
  • Delta-based application upgrades
  • Files validation and repairing
  • High-speed HTTP data transfers
  • Self-upgradeable
  • Fully-customizable
  • Build on Unity/Chromium web engine
  • Windows, OSX and Linux support
  • Fail-resistant architecture

PatchKit offers more than one launcher. You can learn more on Launchers Overview page.

Pipeline Integration

Connect PatchKit to your continuous integration server with Command-Line Tools and Unity Integration plugin. Save your time and publish your game version fast at any time with a single click. Your release will be built, uploaded, processed, and distributed over our CDN network in minutes.

Don’t risk making mistakes. Our system validates your version content each time a new version is uploaded. If there’s something wrong with it, your new version file will be rejected, and you will be notified about possible errors and how to solve them.

Optional DRM

PatchKit does not enforce any particular DRM on your game. Instead, you’re free to use any DRM of your choice or even make your game completely DRM-free.

You can generate any number of license keys and sell or give them away to your players. A valid license key enables you to download and upgrade your product a reasonable number of times. An overused key is automatically blocked to prevent the spread of possible illegally re-distributed license keys.

On top of that, PatchKit allows deep integration via PatchKit API to prevent the game from running if a license key cannot be validated.


PatchKit, over the years, has been proven as a reliable and secure solution. With the availability at %99.9998, we managed to deliver petabytes of data to millions of users. User data is stored on encrypted AWS S3 storages with no access to the external world. Everything that goes public is secured by a strong AES encryption algorithm.

Our infrastructure is regularly stress-tested to eliminate potential points of failure. It’s designed with a fail-safe infrastructure, where there are fall-backs to every step where something is at risk.

PatchKit CDN servers work with zero-knowledge politics. Each distribution package is packed with a unique encryption key that is hidden on the main server and revealed only to authorized users.

Works with all applications and game engines

PatchKit is not limited to any particular technology. In other words, if it runs, it will work with PatchKit. Therefore, we offer deep integration with these game engines:

Try it out!

PatchKit is a great way to save time and money. Sign up for a 30-days free account and try it out!

Still have questions?

We will be happy to answer all the questions you may have! Please reach us on contact@patchkit.net.

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